How to edit Powerpoint templates from SlidesBoss?

Creating a google slides or powerpoint template on the computer

Open the PowerPoint template. Use the ribbon that contains a series of tabs that you can switch between. Each of there has set of tools to work with. Use menus to choose layout, add slides, add content, text, graphs, tables, charts etc.

File – save, share and export presentation.
Home – collection of the most common tools that you can use with Powerpoint. Default tab for most users.
Insert – tool to add every image or type of graphic content, such as pictures, charts, tables, video and more.
Design – controls the look of presentation with theme and style settings
Transitions – add animations when switching slides
Animations – control order and style of objects that will enter or exit the slide
Slideshow – control settings related to the way presentation appears when it starts.

Common keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+M : insert new slide
Ctrl+D: Duplicate slide
Ctrl+z: undo previous action
Ctrl+X : cut
Ctrl+C : copy
Ctrl+V : paste
Ctrl+S : save Presentation
Ctrl+a: select all
Ctrl+K : insert hyperlink
F5 – start presentation