How to edit Google Slides templates from SlidesBoss?

looking at the computer

Log in to your Google account.
Make a copy from presentation by clicking a button “use Google slides”.
You will see copy of presentation in Google drive. In Google drive go to presentation and click to open.
Use Google slides menu to customize slides.

File – change page setup and export presentation.
Insert – insert new slide, add graphics, text, video, diagram and animations.
View – set the zoom, view slide master and animations.
Format – format text, align objects.
Slide – new slide, change slide background, slide transitions, change template.
Tools – Spelling and grammar check.
Present – preview your presentation.

Common keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+M : insert new slide
Ctrl+D: Duplicate slide
Ctrl+a: select all
Ctrl+z: undo previous action
Ctrl+X : cut
Ctrl+C : copy
Ctrl+V : paste
Ctrl+k : insert or edit hyperlink
Ctrl+s: save