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Why use Powerpoint or Google Slides templates

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A good design helps your audience focus on the content itself instead of the design. Creating Powerpoint can be painful for people who are not power users. Preparing for a presentation often means that you’re on a tight timeline. While working in the office you would rather focus full attention on the presentation content and […]

Why make a presentation template in Powerpoint format?

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Why make a presentation template in Powerpoint format? It is reality that Microsoft Powerpoint is still most popular presentation software that people use today despite the fact that scores of people dislike that. Many of very good alternatives trying to offer a competition and even replace Powerpoint in some time. Main Microsoft competitor Google have […]

How to edit Powerpoint templates from SlidesBoss?

Creating a google slides or powerpoint template on the computer

Open the PowerPoint template. Use the ribbon that contains a series of tabs that you can switch between. Each of there has set of tools to work with. Use menus to choose layout, add slides, add content, text, graphs, tables, charts etc. File – save, share and export presentation. Home – collection of the most […]